The Stashable Storage Tube - Patent Pending

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Home / Office
Bitcoin Storage
Cash Stash
Hide A Key
Tool Box
Motorcycle / ATV
Pill Case
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Can be mounted and hidden nearly anywhere

This stash tube works both sideways and upside down

 Love these stash tubes. You can cut the Velcro and change stash places 
- tjfox_123

Possible Uses: Possible Locations:
  • Emergency money
  • Phone numbers
  • Keys
  • Important documents
  • Passwords
  • Flash drives
  • Irreplaceable valuables
  • Storage for small  easily lost items

In the Car

  • Under the dashboard
  • Underside of a seat
  • In the trunk

In the Kitchen

  • Side of the fridge
  • In a drawer
  • Inside a cabinet door
In the Office
  • Behind a bookshelf
  • Under a desk
  • Underside of a shelf
In the Garage
  • Side of the toolbox
  • On the wall
  • Near the workbench
On the boat In the campground On the trail On the motorcycle

Water Proof  |  Air Tight  |  Crush Proof  |  Mountable  |  Portable

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Stashable Storage Tube - Stash tube shown in blue Stashable Storage Tube - Stash tube shown in green Stashable Storage Tube - Stash tube shown in red Stashable Storage Tube - Stash tube shown in yellow

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Made in Michigan
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